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Who Does It!
Nigel Hennessy is the Principal of Hearnshaw & Partners and brings to the Team over 20 years of executive experience in managing private and public companies. His knowledge and ability in helping a company commercialise and become investor and export ready are second to none.

Nigel is also a professional company director and sits on numerous boards. His area of expertise is marketing, risk management, analysis and corporate governance. He is Chairman of the Finance Committee for a Public Company as well as Chairman of a Clean Technology company.

He has extensively worked overseas and around Australia in a number of industries.

Hazel Hennessy has had many years working in the dental, medical and hospitality sectors and has successfully helped a number of companies grow through direct customer support. She provides advice to companies on how best to present themselves and relate to direct and in-direct customers.
What we do!
We give an owner, board and company the encouragement and capability to develop their business to achieve the best possible result.

We work in four main areas of activity:-

  • Advisory
  • Commercialisation
  • Motivation
  • Image and Branding

We provide business development support, commercialisation, governance structures, motivational presentations, capital raising. leadership support, interim executive and the know-how to make sure the company is Investor and Export Ready. We also provide support to companies in managing the customer interface so that the organisation looks professional and approachable - guaranteed to generate more business

Hearnshaw is a boutique advisory company that actually gets its hands dirty by rolling up its sleeves and getting in to help out!

NEWS FLASH - Nigel Hennessy was selected as a Case Manager for Commercialisation Australia!

Hearnshaw & Partners